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Free Verse

Black History

Pay attention to yesterday

The most influential yore of all.

Does yesterday make you shiver?

Yesterday made history, that’s Black History

I saw the together forward motion of my people

Does that make you shiver?

Black History runs deep and it’s pretty

Pretty to my Eyes, pretty to my Ears, and pretty to my Mind.

Black History contributes to the way you live right now,

And you probably don’t even know it, let alone Appreciate it.

Today and every day,

Before and After yesterday is Black history in the making!

When I think of February and Every day, I see and hear Powerful People.

Never Forget and Underestimate Black History Influence EVERY DAY!

©Nichole Nichole

*Black inventors and Black leaders making history today*

1. Sarah Boone - Ironing Board 1892

2. Newman Marshman & L.S. Burridge - Adding Machine 1894

3. Mary Van Brittan Brown -Home Security System 1966

4. Garrett Morgan - Three- Light Traffic Signal 1923

5. Mark Dean - Color IMB PC Monitor 1980

6. Nia Dacosta - Directed the upcoming "Captain Marvel"

7. Barack Obama - 44th President Of the United States

7. Rashida Jones - MSNBC President and executive to run a major TV network

8. Cynthia Marshall - Dallas Mavericks CEO

9. Cori Bush - Missouri Congresswoman

10. Gwendolyn Brooks - Won the Pulitzer Prize in 1950 for writing Annie Allen

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You know I'd been wondering if you'd post something in recognition thereof and I should not have wondered apparently. It is always my great pleasure to feast eyes on your words and thoughts! 😀

Gefällt mir
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