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a simple salutation falling on deaf ears

Hello, I'm talking to you! Why do you always want to ignore me.

I am constantly saying hello, hello, and I get nothing. Would you rather I cuss you out??

But then I'd be combative and crazy in your eyes right?

A simple hello doesn't get a return salutation at all.

And to think a simple hello is what made me love you in the first 5 Seconds of meeting you.


~Nichole Nichole

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Certainly a poignant piece of writing.... Everyone is simply too busy to so something like respond to a greeting these days, be it a nod of the head or lifting of one finger. (not that finger) ((OMG)) (I was thinking of the driving wave, although that certain finger is more likely to get a response) No one wants to be ignored and a simple response can bring so much light to anyone's day. So hello, Nichole and have a terrific day!

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