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How To Make Impactful Change In Your Community

How To Make Impactful Change In Your Community

Watching the news and spending time on social media is creating a higher degree of awareness about social injustices and societal needs than ever before. It can feel overwhelming, but it can also inspire grassroots action. If you have a cause you want to support or a community problem you want to solve, there are myriad ways to get involved and make a difference. You can get inspired by reading Nichole Nichole Deals With Reality Poetry Blog.

What Are You Passionate About?

It can be hard to narrow a focus when you see different pressing needs in your community. Think about what means the most to you and focus your energy there. Are you passionate about racial issues? Children's healthcare? Animal welfare? Registering voters? Maybe you want to see more sustainable practices enacted by your homeowner’s association, or you want to help feed the homeless. Chances are good that if an issue is prevalent, there are groups in place devoted to tackling the big problems, so start there. If you can’t find one, consider stepping up and launching a support initiative yourself. Even an act like bringing together family and friends for a park clean-up can spark interest and gain traction for greater community-wide involvement.

Where Can You Make An Impact?

You may have specialized skills, talents, or connections that can help you be effective when it comes to enacting change. For example, if you’re nutritionist, you might volunteer with a food bank or soup kitchen to help ensure people in need are provided with the healthiest options available; if you’re a career counsellor, you could work in women’s shelters and halfway houses to help people polish their resumes, access training programs, and find work; if you’re a veterinarian, volunteering at an animal rescue or offering deeply discounted services can allow you to utilize your talents to help those in need. According to Up With People, not only do your efforts help others, they are proven to make you happier as well.

Join A Board Or Seek Office

If you want to work in a decision-making or leadership role, seek a seat on an active board or council, or run for office. In addition to local races, like city council, county commission, and the school board, also consider opportunities available through your local United Way, Boys & Girls Clubs, Red Cross, or Big Brothers Big Sisters. These organizations rely heavily on volunteers and donations, and often have numerous opportunities available to attract people with differing skill sets and time availability. You’re likely to find options ranging from making phone calls to solicit donations, staffing fundraisers and special events, and even writing grant applications for long-term funding.

Make A Career Change

People focused on social justice and community wellness are often attracted to caregiving jobs. If you want to enact change from the inside out, consider going back to school and earning an online nursing degree. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, nurses are in high demand, and with an online learning program, you can have more flexibility when it comes to where and when you learn. You can continue to work a job, care for your family, and go to school, all on your own timeline. When you’re looking into educational opportunities, seek out accredited schools that have competitive tuition rates. You may even be able to offset some of your costs by applying for grants and scholarships.

When it feels like the world is full of strife and problems, it can be easy to turn away, especially when it doesn’t directly impact you or your family. If you’re a doer, and you’re committed to making a difference, start looking for ways that your time and talent can have an impact on your local community. Nichole Nichole Deals With Reality Poetry Blog is home to insightful poems that speak to love, spirituality, and self-care. Subscribe today!

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