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Love Languages

What is your Love Language? A conversation between a man and a woman and their different love languages.

Love Languages

Do you know how to love me?

To love me is different than how you love the light-skinned sister,

you treat out on Friday nights.

To love me doesn't mean you sexually pleasure me and think that’s the way to love me.

oh no sir, to love me is to

Feed me,

Gift me,

Uplift me,

make me laugh,

be Consistent!

But do you know how to love me?

I love to have my head rubbed.

Not the way you rub Tyrone on Saturday night and that appeases him.

Oh no, I need the physical touch of knowing you feel my pain and my sorrow.

Wait, that’s a lot. I don’t think I’m the one to feed your love language or unpack your trauma.

Why not? I’m open to feeding your love language.

Are you?

I like gifts, even the smallest gift does something for me.

The effort to even be thought of

because I said something, and you remembered. The Small Joys.

That requires me to spend money, not all with that.

I like to do spontaneous things like wake up and drive 50 miles to the next town and see what their popular tourist attraction is.

Well, I’m on a schedule I can’t just up and leave unless it’s in my calendar 72hrs ahead of time.

When you tell me you are proud of me that does something to me.

Positive strong words not tearing me down.

Is that like boosting your ego? I mean I guess I could do that if that’s your love language.

Can you come over and just spend time with me?

Quality time helps me emotionally.

Having you in my presence and knowing you want to be around me fuels my soul.

Quality time is a bonding time.

I have a lot on my plate and pretty busy, if I get time I will try and make time for your quality time.

Our love languages tell a story about us but are you ready to read and fully understand the love languages of me?

I’m learning that the love language that I knew from the last woman may not apply to you.

I need to be mindful since I think every woman is the same.

Different women, different love languages.

So True, my love language may not connect and resonate with you!

As for you, I may not connect with your love language, therefore we may move along respectfully.


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