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The Light: Shining the Way

Reaching and reaching for you but I never could touch you.

The dark hole of people who just showed up

with no intention of loving me.

I sit and wonder how I can find you in the dark hole,

Or how will you find me?


Our wavelengths keep getting distracted by outside sources,

That isn’t for us.


The light, a bright yellow light slowly shone through a tiny pinhole.

You see it but are still not sure if the dark hole is where you should be.

Although the Light it’s where you Want to be!


I try and chisel the hole so I can be ready to be in the Light.

I feel God has a plan that shall not be forced, it will happen in time.


The light on your end is starting to grow brighter and brighter.

As you keep moving through a dark hole of life wondering,

How life could be better or what is missing.


I dream of you alone leaving muddy waters behind but standing in the light.

 like the main actor onstage to receive their standing ovation.


I awake with light in my eyes and your hand pulling me close to you.

No more dark holes.

Lighter days.

You found Me!

The rest is history!


©Nichole Nichole

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