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You Feel Like

feeling goos about love and life

You Feel like,

Like a sip of fresh hot coffee with the right amount of creamer on Sunday morning

Like fresh hot bread out of the oven for Sunday dinner

Like a warm blanket straight out of the dyer

Like fresh-cut lilacs on the dining room table

Like a winning lottery ticket

Like someone telling you that you are amazing when you feel like crap

Like a kiss to the forehead that’s innocent and pure

Like a freshly made carne asada taco on Taco Tuesday

Like hot salted fries dipped in vanilla ice cream

Like a full body massage from the hands of a goddess

Like a French kiss from someone who uses just the right amount of tongue

Like a surprising raise when I thought the job was done

Like an out-of-body experience overwhelmed with Joy

Like my heart and head know you connect to me as I connect to you

You feel like home, my safe place, my haven.

Baby, you feel like you belong to me always and forever.

You feel like The One… emotionally, physically, and spiritually!


©Nichole Nichole

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