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Lessons I take with me

To be young and know each lesson taught was a stepping stone into reality.

That time I kissed a boy and he said I won’t tell anyone, and the whole school knew. That was a lesson never to trust anyone.

That time I went out with friends, and I asked how do I look, and they said fine but, I looked a wreck with clothes too small for me and mix-matched color patterns. That lesson was people lie to make you feel better.

That time I graduated from college and applied for my first job thinking they will hire me because I have all the skills, but they didn’t. That lesson was to humble me and don’t think everything will be handed to me regardless of my background.

That time I did everything for him and gave him the world, my heart, my love, my mind, my money and he gave me nothing but a hard time. That lesson was people Will Not do for you as you do for them.

That time my grandmother died, and I thought she would be there to see me excel in life and watch my children grow. That lesson was love on your loved ones as much as you can because they will not be around forever in human form.

Lessons I take with me

© Nichole Nichole

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