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Random Thoughts 2021: Six Word Stories

Random thoughts 2021: Six-Word Stories

I really dislike those inconsistent folks.

They only like you for money.

If you’re not popular, you’re unrecognized.

Support from afar, I’m loving it.

That small talk really bores me.

Speak up or get left behind.

Don’t interrogate me, I know nothing.

Are your intentions to hurt me?

You’re only here for the likes.

Still living in a biased society.

Free speech but under certain guidelines.

Protect and Serve. Kill and Justify.

Political warfare, social unjust, humanity prevails.

Your life or my life, chose.

Sick way of thinking brings death.

Social distancing taught me valuable lessons.

Emotional intelligence because I really care.

I laugh to annoy toxic people.

My mental unstable, only few cares.

Don’t come into my space uninvited.

Alone in a crowded cyber world.

Abundance is a way of life.

Trust the process, reap the benefits.

Wake up feeling good, just Live!

© Nichole Nichole

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