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The Eyes

Sipping a caramel vanilla latte with extra foam

I look up and see a handsome brown skin man smiling

His eyes met mine and it appeared awkward for him

but mellow for me

As I knew I looked my best this morning

So, I do a slight hair flip over the shoulder

and continue to sip my latte.

He still is smiling in a perplexing kind of way

Is he nervous or excited about my beauty?

I'm turned on by his eye contact and dapper demeanor

mmmm mmmm mmmm

Our eyes are still locked in on each other

I wonder what he is thinking?

I’m thinking about our first date.

He gets up from the table

This is really about to happen

match made on Monday, dinner date on Friday

he walks over hands me a napkin and says,

“You might want to wipe your upper lip. You have white foam on it.”

In sheer shock and embarrassment our eyes unlock,

he winks and walks away

Foam? Really?

©Nichole Nichole

1 Comment

You sure got me chuckling with the end of this one. It is more commonplace than one might imagine I feel. The damned frothy foam leaves less room for everything else.

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