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You overheard but did you Listen?

You overheard she is a mess,

But did you listen to the fact

that she lost her job and her husband.

You overheard he gets in trouble at school

But did you listen and understand,

that he is abused at home

and is looking for attention.

You overheard she starves herself,

But did you listen and know

she is bullied for being overweight.

You overheard she has money,

But did you listen to how she built her empire,

With hard work and dedication.

You overheard he drove to another city and got lost.

But did you listen to how he suffers from mild dementia?

You overheard she is skinny and looks like she is on drugs.

But did you listen and feel how

she has stage 4 cancer and is dying rapidly.

Be mindful of what you overhear

If you’re not going to listen.

©Nichole Nichole

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1 Comment

This particular piece is certainly on point, Nichole. It is sad that so many hear things and judge by them and even more sad that the truth is often deeply concealed by those things that are heard. Everyone always wants the juicy drama so they might judge themselves above such as it helps them conceal their own insecurities and faults. Its always easier to talk about someone else rather than yourself.

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