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Short Poem of the day

Me, you, and time.

It’s like time is what we have.

When I first saw you, there was something about you

that kept me intrigued.

Your smile, your strength, your charisma

the ladies’ man.

You were already taken,

so, the timing was not right for our story.


Years pass and I see you, an older man stuck in his ways,

but you’re still a charm to me.

Your hug, your kiss, your touch

will forever feel right in the moment.

Time, we have together I want to freeze it!

Once again, the timing was not right for our story.


I see you in passing and wonder do I cross your mind,

and when is the right time for us?


Me, you, and time

and that time might come at the senior living establishment,

Playing shuffleboard

and wiping cream corn from your chin,

or rubbing each other with Bengay

Becoming a cliché together.

Sadly, and oddly, that might be the way our time unfolds.


Me, You, and Time.


©Nichole Nichole

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Eww... Cream corn... You had to go there...

Nichole Nichole
Nichole Nichole
Dec 07, 2023
Replying to


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