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Being Thankful

A short poem of Thankfulness

Being thankful for the referral letter you wrote me.

Or the 50% off coupons you sent me for my favorite store.

Or the time you watched my child in an emergency.

Or the time you put me in a hotel when I had nowhere to go.

Or the time I got in a car accident and

you let me use your roadside assistance.

Or the time I said I had no money for lunch, and you said I got you!

So Thankful!


Being Thankful for more than just currency given

but Thankful for the time you cared.

The time you shared.

The time you acknowledge me.

The time you wiped away my tears.

The time you let me talk and you just listened,

without judgment.


The little gesture that made a big impact on my life

That you didn’t know.


Sometimes being Thankful

for the little things

warms our hearts,

and makes us more content and less despondent.


From that cute meme,

to the hilarious comedy skit,

or inspirational quote you sent

hit the spot,

and made me Thankful for someone like you,

that has the perfect timing.


Most importantly your support

A Delicious Blessing!


Thankful for someone just like YOU!

©Nichole Nichole

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