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Cried at Sunrise

I wrote a social media post and then decided to turn it into a poem…Can you relate or even have this happen to you? Crying at a sunrise on the beach. It was so Freeing and Divine.

The Social Media Post - Have you ever cried at sunrise on the beach? Well, I did and released tears of hurt, pain, bitterness, and anger and God said, "Bless you child, move on, and continue fulfilling your purpose and live your life."

Cried at Sunrise

The wind, the waves, the birds, the sun rising from beyond and it did something to me internally.

I took a step back and the past 15 years of my life flashed in front of me.





Friends that are no more,

Lovers that are gone and nowhere to be found,

A hurt ego,

Career highs,

Career lows,

Being a good parent,

But failing your child,

Being too much,

Not being enough,

Being used,

Being abused,

Being alone,

Facing my fears,


Fulfilling my passion,

Living my dreams!

I released all that was holding me back from living in a repetitive state,

Of giving and never receiving,

and being stuck emotionally.

Tears just rolled down my cheeks.

Tears of sorrow,

Tears of joy,

Tears of understanding,

Tears of being Free,

Most importantly, tears of being ME!

I Cried at Sunrise!


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