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As I heal and find myself it's a journey of tears that tell so many stories turned into testimonies. Those tears rolling down my cheeks exposing trauma and neglect. As those tears dry up a simple smile starts to form fresh air and bright sunlight kisses my skin and lifts my Aura.

Toxic energy placed upon my mental is now turned into

life lessons and distant views used to pursue better days!

I heal within to express love outward daily.

©Nichole Nichole

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Healing is a tricky concept and not all its made out to be I feel. Happiness itself can be rather shallow while the depths of sadness and madness are some of the most intimate canvases to ever be discovered. When someone says "you need to heal and get better" are they really saying you need to become like them? Hiding behind a facade of self imagined worth as befitting society's views.

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