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Falling in Love

Falling in Love

How did you get here? How did you enter my Realm and now I've Fallen...?

I'm head over heels for you my Love.

My heart is covered in glitter and does back flips often with glee.

Falling in love is never easy or never understood it just happens in the most mysterious ways.

Falling in love is a different experience for everyone but with the same intent of Loving.

Food tastes better, flowers smell better, music takes over your soul and every word is clear and relates to what you are feeling.

Falling in love was never my mission it just happened Effortlessly, Organically and Abundantly...

Falling in love is a euphoric out of body experience.

Falling in love is like floating on soft white clouds that protect you all through out the day.

Falling in love makes you lose focus cause it consumes you but for all the right reasons.

It doesn't stop, it doesn't end, falling continuously, going and going, falling deeper and deeper.

Feeling Good, Feeling Joy, Feeling Love all the way around!

My Mind, my Body and Soul tingles!

The little things you do excite me. I can't even move without thinking about you, wanting to talk to you, wanting to pray with you, wanting to hold your hand, wanting to eat every meal with you, wanting to tell you about my day, EVERYDAY!

We vibrate on a higher level where our energy brings others into Love. Those around us want to love and feel stupefying as they Fall in love too.

Days and nights are better when you fall in love, it’s as if the earth stops moving. And every breath you take is like smelling fresh cut flowers from the Garden of Love.

Love just happened at the right moment, at the right time.

I fell in love….

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