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A hunger for love

Starving for intimacy

In a sea of empty emotions

Barely quenching the thirst for love

Fighting through Hunger pains of love.

I have a hunger for love but how do I feed it?

Stale, flat conversations fill my mind but still empty.

Expired lust leaving my mouth dry.

Tainted flattery making me sick.

Decayed kisses fill the hunger void

Only to run rancid up and down my body

Old vibes, old love feels good for a moment

but not a lifetime, what I’m hungry for.

Hunger love.

So hungry for love, will have anything to cure my appetite.

Even if it leaves me sick, disoriented, confused,

and alone that’s what hunger love will do!

Hunger love will have you consuming anything even the rotten things…


©Nichole Nichole

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1 comentário

Pointedly true. If the hunger is great enough, anything might seem plausible to fill a void and its only later realization dawns leaving you trembling with regret.

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