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Strangers by day, Lovers by night

He bumped into me on 17th street in broad daylight as if he didn’t know me

Like he didn’t know the touch of my skin he so passionately kissed nightly

or my scent he wore every time he infused his body into mine.

Distant strangers by day, but lovers at night

It was an agreement I know but

A mind fuck on the low because I wanted him morning, noon, and night.

It couldn’t be, for this I know

His reputation would blow

We couldn’t taint his luscious glow

Even though I’m the one who helps his get-up-and-go!

Do I stay on the low? Praying he will put me in the main show

I want to be more

Or shall I continue being the midnight one ticket sale

I can’t tell….

But then again liquid body infusion is all we have and all we need

a girl can dream until the next midnight French vanilla ice cream.

©Nichole Nichole

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I believe you just as they say kicked some _______ ass. A fine example of why you rock!

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