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I Remember the Stones

I remember the stones my grandmother always held

calling them the bones of the earth

immeasurable worth.

Rose quartz held dear to her heart for love and confidence

yet her Unakite stone was for self-awareness and self-love.

She possessed it all.

The bones of the earth silly to some but felt by many

like heartfelt confetti.

I remember the stones my grandmother always held

thanking them for her daughter’s birth

immeasurable worth.

Tiresome at times her Agate stone relieved her fatigue and gave her energy

to play with her baby all day.

At bedtime under her pillow, her Bloodstone gave her pleasant dreams and peaceful sleep.

She never weeped.

Thanking the stones is a daily ritual

My grandmother wasn’t religious but exceedingly spiritual.

I remember the stones my mother held

thanking them for my birth

my immeasurable worth.

Thankful for the child she was told she couldn’t conceive

Aquamarine laid on her stomach discouraging miscarriage and protecting us from harm.

Dalmatian Jasper encourages family loyalty, unity, and strength.

While rubbing tight her Moonstone,

where emotional intelligence and empathy bring the natural rhythms of life.

Remembering the stones the powerful bones of the earth

Immeasurable worth.

It gives me pleasure to know and say,

I’ll hold those same stones one day.

~Nichole Nichole inspired by Ben Ranney

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The stones may be semi-precious in one sense and very precious in another. Rest assured this monumental achievement is a crowning jewel which will adorn your brow for some time to come.

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