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Man killers

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

There are some females out there who are man Killers, that don't even give their man room to breathe. Yes I stand behind my girlfriends all day, but if you are too domineering, and don't let your man be a man you will only Fail! I'm all for us women letting the men know we can only do and take so much, but when you keep your man on a short leash and you nag him to death and never make him feel good about himself, yeah you're a man killer. Man-Killers - women who slowly kill their men mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and doubt their ability to be men. Some men are dogs I admit that and these are the ones you should be hard on, better yet maybe you shouldn't even deal with. The ones that are the good men, that take care of the home and family seem to always fall for these man killers, where they can do no right. Like the good girl that falls for the bad guy. I Pray for fellas like this, good men doing the right things in their relationships with man killers that are never satisfied or happy with them. Wake up fellas and stand up for yourself in a positive way!

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