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Messy Thanksgiving

A short story in under 250 words with different perspectives

Mom’s new boyfriend showed up drunk. Oh hell, dad said he was coming by with dessert.

This is the second time I’m hosting a thanksgiving. Last year I burnt the turkey and all we ate were sides my mom cooked. My husband is on my nerves, not because he is lazy but because a week ago his mistress contacted me about her pregnancy.

How do I let my sister know I invited her ex-best friend to Thanksgiving? Who is my best friend now, that slept with her husband. Is this going to be funny or tragic? I’m here for the drama and dad’s homemade apple pie.

I wonder if my daughter got better at cooking since being married, lord knows her macaroni and cheese is dry as hell. She isn’t very domestic, but I will not judge. Last year her house wasn’t as tidy as I liked.

Dropping off the dessert is an easy way to show love and not be in the chaos of my daughters and ex-wife. If asked to stay, I can’t wait to say to my ex-wife’s face that my new wife and I are hosting dinner, sorry can’t stay.

How did the apple pie end up on mom’s boyfriend? Why is my ex-best friend here arguing with my husband? Why is my mom doing my laundry? My sister is over in the corner laughing and posting videos to Facebook.

This is too Messy, next year I’m going to Cancun for Thanksgiving, Alone!

©Nichole Nichole

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A little messy yes. That's why I had to stop bringing a bottle of Wild Turkey, I might have got a little messy...🤣

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