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The Narc's Ex

A short story in under 200 words

“Will I ever get past the cheating? I don’t know. Show me why I should.”

“You’re always out with your friends and up in other men’s faces how do I know you’re not cheating? I hope it’s worth it.” The narcissist using reverse psychology isn’t that cute.

Late night working and friends call to meet up for a drink.

"Hey babe I’m meeting Melanie and Trina for a quick drink, I'll be home after."

“Tell your boyfriend hi for me,” Ryan says sarcastically.

In a booth talking with Melanie and Trina enjoying my martini and my husband walks in arm and arm with a tall drink of European water. A comfortable place for him as it was his ex-wife and mother of his adult children. Interesting to say the least since he claims he hasn’t talked to her since we married a year ago.

Walking over to them and my husband’s eyes are wide open. “I didn’t know you were having a family reunion? I didn’t get the invite or the T-shirt”.

“Exactly cause you’re not family, just the latest wife, know your role,” Natasha snickers with a devilish grin.


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Well I'm kind of feeling the both of them are rude and getting what they both deserve each other.

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