The Sad Comedian

His comedic style, his rhythmic flow, his dapper punch line goes

down smooth like fine aged wine and POW

it hits the crowd in hysterics!!

His depression is buried down in his gut where his love

to make others laughing cows overshadows his sad mental state.

The Sad Comedian such an oxymoron, no literally!!

His presence, his smile, his charismatic ways, and acting abilities

always puts the crowd in pure gut-busting laughter, never exposing his insecurities.

Even during the most controversial times of racism, fascism, and #MeToo Movements,

the sad comedian always aimed for jokes that hit hard,

making the simplest mind think, and laugh out loud right after.

No one ever asks if the sad comedian is OK

because he is the one you come to and get weak,

from laughing off your stressful work week.

Or to get out of the house with your spouse and not stress

about life, bills, family, kids, or health for 90 minutes straight

because he blocks all that out for you, through jokes and your soul rejuvenates!

The sad comedian ends each night with a standing ovation and heads home alone.

He is very well known, without friends or family just a dog Rusty, his best friend.

The only one who really cares if he lives or dies in the end.

The one everyone loves, so successful night after night,

year after year, movie after movie, but on the inside very hollow.

Sad and depressed no matter how many times he has appeared on Saturday Night Live or Showtime at the Apollo.

Tears roll down his cheek when alone,

bottled up emotions he deals with alone.

He wants to scream, "I'm alone"!! but he can't say that on the microphone.

What the sad comedian wants, he sees in the crowd.

Everyone with their true friends having a grand ole time,

sipping their vodka with club soda and lime.

Infatuated with their lives even with all his dividends,

alone he faces his own demons within.

No one knows or even cares about how he explodes after certain shows.

Even thou he rubs elbows with the elite who often lie, cheat and deceit.

He is better off eating salmonella infected beef,

then to be around a bunch of privileged no substance deadbeats!

Making others laugh is what keeps him sane and holding onto life.

As one day he jokes, where is the happy median folks?! When will I find love or make friends where I can enjoy a night filled with laughs by another sad comedian.

Who makes the sad comedian laugh?

"I give so much pleasure to so many people. Why can I not get some pleasure for myself?" - John Belushi


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