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Think about it ladies

A small rant

Ladies what I'm confused about is when we meet a good man that is NOT coming on too strong, we think something is wrong with him but when he's all over us we think he's a dog. If he calls or texts you to see how you are doing or asks to see you, he is doing too much. Or if he gives you space and doesn't reach out to you often, he is lame and doesn't know how to treat a lady. We are so confusing. I can see why men don't understand us women, hell I don't even understand myself sometimes. Sometimes we can be such walking contradictions. HA! Stop think about it!

~Nichole Nichole

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Nichole Nichole
Nichole Nichole
Feb 07, 2021

Good input on this rant Ben.. "an intricate dance" is correct 😊 love your thoughts.


Perhaps its been crammed into the female mind by society as a given dictate of nature. While it is sad such a set of preconceived notions exist, they act to gauge interest and protect the individual from being hurt emotionally. However the male counterpart might be hoping to prevent the same feeling so it becomes an intricate dance where both parties involved hope to protect themselves and that which might have blossomed withers instead.

A dog will always be just that, a dog no matter the sex of the dog. Self gratification will always be at the forefront of the animal mind and while some will embrace this particular train of thought, others will reject it and in the end…

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