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Is this really a date?

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Don't get me wrong I'm not the sharpest tack in the box but when someone asks you out on a date don't you think they're pretty much saying I'm taking care of everything. But like my mom always says, never assume. This man I knew asked me out and it was to a local fashion show. He didn't say, "hey want to meet up at a fashion show"? When stated that way, I see that as we're going solo. I'm knowing we are going Dutch. I take care of my stuff, you take care of yours. No problem. But when you come and pick me up saying I'm "treating" you to something different and we are going together that's a date in my eyes. Excuse me if I'm naive and not up to the dating etiquette of 2018. Fashion Show is packed we finally find somewhere to sit. I'm sitting pretty getting a little thirsty. I didn't say nothing to him but it was obvious. We're in a setting where you would at least get a cup of water. The man goes to the bar and gets himself a drink didn't even ask me if I wanted water or nothing. He comes back, sits down drinking his Corona like it ain't shit, in my face! Like WOW. RUDE!!

We are sitting next to a lipstick vendor who has more conversation than my date. The vendor offers to buy me and him drinks. I think the Vendor guy knew the energy was off with me and my date. My date was quick to agree he get us drinks, mind you his second drink since he already bought himself one but I wont harp on the past!! What a lame. I really could have just been on a date with the vendor and his wife because that's who I talked to most of the time. Obviously I was turned off, and this jerk is acting like we all cool, once the fashion show was over I looked at him and said," I'm ready to go"! Most of the time I was on the phone texting my girlfriend about this lame dude! I might as well been there alone. Oh and to top it off he was trying to jump in my selfies!!!! We already know that's a No-No!! NEXT✌️

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