Trust the Process

I Wait and I Wait

They say don’t be irate and I try.

What’s wrong? Why is nothing happening?

The process is like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly or watching paint dry.

It’s a process I get it,

But do I trust it?

Like in the bible where one sows

From seed to harvest, Trust the Process

To enjoy the fruits of my labor I must wait.

What if I eat before its ripe?

Will I ruin the hype?

Yeah, it won’t be satisfying, only a quick fix for my expanding over anxious belly.

Trust the Process

From infancy to adulthood Trust the Process

It won’t come overnight but in time, as a baby takes 40 weeks to develop.

All this waiting makes one overzealous,

Silver linings in the end make us smile, all the better to say Cheers!

I DID IT and the process guided me with patience and diligence.

Soaring eagle, flying above the fears not knowing what is to come but a process to follow,

A noted rule of thumb.

Trust the Process...

~Nichole Nichole

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